Beautiful sunsetWelcome to my new blog! Its aim is to inspire a fresh look at the physical world and life around us – to see each sunrise, sunset, moon phase, season change, and even the passage of time itself in a new way. The writer of Psalm 19 and other biblical authors point us to the natural world to perceive divine glories. For those who pause and take time to see and ponder, there is a continuous, abundant, and universal revelation of God. The divine nature is perceivable in the starry heavens as well as in life on the earth. The physical creation is a divine vehicle to demonstrate in a way we can comprehend and that transcends all languages perfect love, wisdom, power, and other divine qualities. My hope is that visitors will find the upcoming posts in this blog edifying and inspiring.


About Eva

I am a writer, editor and publisher of books dealing with spiritual themes, the arts, as well as other themes that inspire and edify the human soul and spirit. Please check my websites to learn more.
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  1. Zhen De says:

    What a nice new blog site! Look forward to seeing more.


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