Seasons of the Year

Seasons of yearA year is roughly the time it takes the earth to circle the sun on an elliptical (though nearly circular) path. This annual orbit, taking about 365 days, creates different seasons and weather patterns around the world. In equatorial areas, warm seasons only vary in the amount of rainfall. In the polar regions, daylight ranges from 24 hours a day to no daylight. The temperate zones of the earth have four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter. These annual seasons can picture both human life on earth and God’s eternal plan for humanity as portrayed in the Holy Scriptures.

As the previous post illustrates, one’s individual world or the world at large can undergo a major transformation in a year – as if from winter to spring and summer or in reverse. Some lives may transition from one extreme to the other like the polar regions. Other individuals’ lives seem to be more on an even keel – similar to the tropical regions. However, just as weather is not fully predictable and seasons come and go, our life situations too are impermanent and can turn in unexpected directions. But there is always hope that even after a long, dark winter, eventually the sun will return – sometimes in the nick of time.

This essay focuses on the four seasons in temperate regions showing how each season can typify a stage in life and besides its challenges can also have much beauty.

(to be continued)

From: Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons by Eva Peck

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