8-Thornlands-11Nov09 106Summer is typically a pleasant time – a season with bright sunshine and warm temperatures. With its long days, early sunrises, late sunsets, and extra energy, it is also a productive time. Nevertheless, continuous hot and humid or very hot and dry days can be enervating and tiring. In some areas, summer can also be a time of violent weather, such as hurricanes, typhoons, excessive rains and flooding. In summer time, crops ripen and become ready for harvest. Trees are forming fruit – attractive to behold and eagerly anticipated for its flavourful nutrition. Young animals are growing up and being taught survival skills.

In human life, summer can picture early adulthood to middle age – a time of marriage, child bearing, bringing up children, and engaging in a productive career. Spiritually, it can be seen as a season for maturing – enjoying the new life in the Spirit, but also being disciplined and purified through tests and trials. Difficulties can include marriage problems, the challenging teenage years of growing children, unexpected illness, job loss, and financial losses.

From: Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons by Eva Peck

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