Paradise – Old and New

Paradise gloryWritten in a metaphorical style, the first three chapters of the book of Genesis describe an ideal setting and conditions for earth’s first humans. They were placed in a paradise, named the Garden of Eden with the tree of life, a symbol of immortality, freely available. However, after the first couple chose to go contrary to God’s instructions, they brought upon themselves and their descendants the penalty of death. Their disobedience to the Creator resulted in curses on humankind and the whole creation.[1]

At the end of the Bible, the book of Revelation describes paradise restored. The tree of life is again freely available, and curses, pain, suffering and death are gone forever. A river of the water of life, lined with trees of life in multiple varieties, flows through the Holy City. The perpetual glorious light of God makes the sun, moon and lamps unnecessary. There are no more nights and no more seasons. However, harvests never cease as the trees provide different life-giving fruit every month. While the sun, moon and seasons have their beauty and even inspire awe, something better could yet be in store for humanity and the whole universe. Like the best wine brought forth toward the end of the wedding feast in Cana, God may have kept the best for last.[2] 

[1] Genesis 2:8-9, 15-17; 3:14-19; Romans 8:19-23

[2] Revelation 21:1-8, 23-27; 22:1-5; John 2:9-10

From: Divine Reflections in Times and Seasons by Eva Peck

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