About Eva

Thornlands-09Dec13 006 - ReducedI have loved and been interested in nature since childhood. Growing up in Central Europe, I would see our small backyard garden transform during each of the four seasons. In the spring, I watched the first crocus flowers break through the cold soil. Then came the tulip leaves and peony shoots. Before long, the tulips, peonies, pansies, and fruit trees were all in bloom. As the year progressed, the garden continually changed. Early in the summer we picked cherries, then apricots. Later came the apples and pears. By late autumn, the flowering plants dried up, the leaves fell off the trees, and the whole garden went into hibernation to again awaken in the spring.

During various times of the year, family trips to the woods, meadows and mountains always spoke to my heart. I admired carpets of violets and anemones on the ground, pine trees towering in the air, interestingly shaped cones sometimes having been nibbled by a hungry squirrel, the various kinds of mushrooms ranging from shades of brown to bright red, ferns by the side of a gurgling stream, fish and tadpoles in the water, and much more.

There were beetles and butterflies of various colours and sizes, pink earthworms and hairy caterpillars, hares and deer almost always on the run, birds such as pheasants or woodpeckers, mice and other rodents scampering into their holes, and even an occasional snake. I would pick up cones, bird feathers, flowers, and coloured autumn leaves. We also feasted on blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. My parents taught me the names of the many living things that we encountered on our nature walks. I knew which mushrooms were edible and which snakes were dangerous. In winter, a blanket of shimmering snow on sunlit forest trees provided a different kind of atmosphere, but no less inspiring.

While nature has always spoken to me, and my interest in it later led me to study science in high school and university, God as the Creator or the Mind behind all that exists was not a part of my consciousness as a child. It was only in my late teens that I was led to start reading the Bible. At that time, it was again nature that confirmed to me God’s exist-ence. The analogies of a watch having to have a watchmaker, laws having to be made by a law giver, and design requiring a designer made perfect sense as I continued to study both the Holy Scriptures and nature.

As time went on, I became well acquainted with the message of the Bible and the divine plan it reveals for humanity. Then I began to see nature and many daily occurrences as a mirror of the spiritual realities portrayed in the Scriptures. This is the theme of my blog.

I have written four books on this theme, the details of which are on my publishing website  and my Amazon Author website. Feel free to check them out (available for purchase or free download). If you like them, please consider sharing and/or writing a review. Thank you!

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